Economic Success Measures - Arkansas


This website, the result of a partnership between College Measures and the Arkansas Research Center, provides detailed information about the variation in salaries of recent graduates from higher education programs across the state who work in-state after they graduate. When viewing this data, one should keep in mind wages will be correlated to geographical area, and that a large number of graduates are continuing higher education instead of entering the labor market.


A choice of college and major should be driven by personal interest and skills, but having some idea about the wages recent graduates have earned may help students choose between programs and how much debt they will take on while earning a degree. It is important to note that the earnings of graduates of any program reflect a variety of factors independent of their educational experience, such as the student's background, the local job market, and more. Nonetheless, these data can play an important role for students, parents, and policymakers.


For more information about ESM here and in other states, please visit College Measures' website for the Economic Success Metrics Program.


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