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This website is the result of a partnership between the Colorado Department of Higher Education (DHE) and College Measures. Here, we provide information about recent graduates from Colorado public and 3 private colleges and universities who are working in the state labor market. Graduate data are from the DHE Student Unit Record Data System (SURDS), and employment data are from earnings records maintained by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Visitors to the website can search for information by institution or by area of study and can further disaggregate by degree level.


Please keep in mind when viewing this website, earnings may be related to geographical area of employment, that a large number of graduates are pursuing further education in Colorado or nationally and therefore aren’t in the workforce, and a number of Colorado graduates are working in other states, for the federal government, or are self-employed, and are not accounted for in this dataset or website. This website reports only on earnings very soon after receipt of the credential.  Later earnings may differ substantially.  Measures other than earnings, such as civic involvement, further education, and quality of life, are not captured.


Earning a credential is a large and valuable investment of time and effort. Paying for college is likewise a significant financial investment. Despite the choice of major being a personal decision, information about earnings upon graduation can provide informed and realistic preparation and expectations. It is important to note that the earnings of graduates of any program reflect a variety of factors independent of their educational experience, such as the students’ background, the local job market, and more. Nonetheless, these data can play an important role for students, parents, and policymakers.


For more information about ESM here and in other states, please visit College Measures' website for the Economic Success Metrics Program.


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      Data on this website is based on the experiences of more than 61,800 Colorado college graduates.

      These data DO capture:


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      For additional considerations about the data, please see this page.