Economic Success Measures - Virginia


This website provides comparative information about the salaries of recent graduates from programs at both two- and four-year public and private institutions across the state.


Earning a college degree or certificate is a large investment of time and effort. Paying for college is likewise a significant financial investment. While higher education provides many benefits, one outcome students and their families care about is their possible earnings after graduation.


A choice of college and major should be driven by personal interest and skills, but having some idea about the wages recent graduates have earned may help you choose between programs and may help you better judge how much debt you might want to take on while earning your degree. In using these data, one should also be mindful that program differences abound, very often for good reason. These differences may explain much of the variation in either the wage outcomes or proportion of graduates with reportable wages. For example, one program may have direct links to industry while another, similar, program may focus on preparation for advanced study. It is also important to remember that we live in a mobile society where state boundaries often matter little in responding to educational or economic opportunities.


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